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Empty Lot? A Food Truck Park May Be The Answer
Posted Aug 2018

While huge parking lots were once a necessity for downtown years ago, the construction of parking garages and a more walk-friendly town layout have reduced the need for large expanses of otherwise wasted space. Cities and downtowns all over the United States are finding other uses for these deserts of the urban landscape. Downtown managers and potential merchants are looking for solutions to transform empty lots into productive developments that benefit the downtown community and enrich the local business district.

How about a food truck park (aka food truck court)? Everyone seems to love food trucks. The way things are in most towns today, these kitchens on wheels are often forced to park in less than ideal locations around town only to be chased off by the meter maid. They may be on main street one day and Broad Street the next leaving would be foodies scratching thier heads looking for the awesome tacos they had last Tuesday on Jackson Street.

What about a place, no a lot, no a park specifically designated for food trucks? What about a magical place where the smells of Philly Cheese Steaks mix with Brisket Barbeque to bring together the likes of "good enough for government" workers and all types of hungry people? The food truck park could generate revenue for the land owner, increase the tax base for the city, and help the public network with lawyers, doctors and government officials that frequent the medical and business districts around downtown.

This is definitely a delicious avenue to explore. Would you like to see a food truck park downtown? Message us and let us know your thoughts on the possibility. Are you a food truck owner? Lets talk.


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